SimGar® Container Gardening Support Pages and Links


Instructions for your SimGar® Container Garden

Find, read and/or download SimGar® UNO and SimGar® PRO instructions in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
 PDF Instructions


What You Can Grow in your Container Garden

Check out all the plants, vegetable, herbs, fruits and flowers you can grow in your container garden. Growing fresh organic food via container gardening also provides numerous benefits for you and your family's health.
 What you Can Grow


Videos about your SimGar® Container Garden

Watch videos on how to assemble your SimGar® UNO and SimGar® PRO. Also see other videos on how to use your SimGar® indoors, add tomato cage clips, clone your favorite plants and much more.
 Video Instructions


Laying out your SimGar® Container Gardening System

Estimate the necessary number of seeds you will need to plant for your garden and the plants you intend to grow. These layouts are based on the best placements for each particular plant and the amount of space it needs to grow in your SimGar Container Gardening System.
 Seed Layout


Container Garden Soils and Potting Mixes

In this section, we explain the important ingredients to look for when selecting your soil and we provide a guide of some of our favorites soil mixes available at your local garden center.
 Soils & Mixes


Fertilizing your SimGar® Container Gardening System

Plants, like all living things, require nutrients to grow. Here, we explain different fertilizing options for your garden and we discuss the importance of your garden soil's pH and easy adjustments you can do to keep your pH balanced and your garden healthy.


Vegetable Growing Companions

This section lists the compatibility - both the positive and negative - of vegetable plants when placed next to each other.   While some plants love each other and grow well together, others harm one another.  Knowing the differences can greatly improve your garden.
 Growing Companions


Maximizing your Plant Yields

How many vegetable seedlings must you plant to ensure fresh eating for your family?  Check out these informative guides to getting the most out of your SimGar® Container Gardening System.
 Maximizing Yields

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