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The SimGar® UNO Container Gardening System is so easy to setup and maintain. It has a large 8 gallon reservoir, which is so important to keeping your plants cool and hydrated. In mid summer container soil pot temperatures can reach 128º degrees and keeping all your plants watered and cool can be a daunting task.... Not with the SimGar® UNO.

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SimGar UNO redefines “Simple Garden”. From tomatoes, eggplant, and garlic, to strawberries, watermelon, basil or mint, you will see results growing up bigger and faster with less effort. Just add water and relax for up to 30 days.

SimGar is the world's only container gardening system that pumps water directly to the roots providing the plants with all the nutrients needed, exactly when they need it. SimGar makes it so easy to grow strong and healthy plants all year round.

clips sold separately

The single soil container accommodates 45lbs (1 bag) of soil and with the 14 cage mounting points our tomato cage clips (purchased separately) accept up to two ordinary tomato cages that can be purchased at any home garden center. So growing very tall plants is now extremely easy.

No matter what you are going to grow the UNO provides multiple features all designed to get you there.

  • Exclusive Feature: Solar powered pump consistently provides the circulation throughout the UNO.
  • Largest Reservoir: Hands free operation for weeks with the large 8-gallon reservoir.
  • Reduce Plant Stress by keeping soil 30 degrees cooler by circulation of nighttime-cooled reservoir water.
  • Patent-pending: LifeFlow planter’s unique design delivers nourishment to all sides of the plant for maximum benefit.
  • Grows up to 2x faster than ordinary container gardens.
  • Commercial grade materials means your UNO will last.
  • Made with pride in the U.S.A.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

The SimGar LifeFlow Planter:


All Skill Levels

The SimGar is the perfect solution for gardeners at all skill levels. For the weekend grower nothing is easier, just set it up... fill it... plant seeds or plants and watch how fast your plants will grow. For the avid grower the SimGar makes maintaining nutrients, fertilizers and PH a snap. Since it is a completely self contained system the nutrients do not get washed away after a rain, making it easy to keep your levels and balance correct.

The SimGar UNO  contains:

  1. UNO Solar Panel
  2. LifeFlow Water Pump Kit
  3. 8 Gallon Water Reservoir
  4. One LifeFlow Soil Container
  5. Assembly instructions
  6. Quick Start Guide

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Ratings and Reviews

Reviewed by Mike K •  Bradenton,  FL
I absolutely think this is the best container garden I have tried, and I have quite a few. I have grow boxes, earth boxes even the topsy upside-down grow system. The Simgar easily outperforms them all, in ease of use and maintenance. I especially like the tomato cage clips, they work great.

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